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Hotel Trends & Sustainability

The future of events, hotels and hospitality as a whole is always changing. Key aspects in the industry are sustainability, welcoming spaces and easy technology. Small touches truly go the extra mile in enhancing a visitors experience. 

According to Page Harris of Valor Hospitality Partners, “Hotel design is no longer focused on rooms alone. The guest journey, from arrival to their room to the F&B outlets they will visit during their stay, must all be well thought out and designed with unique touchpoints to create a truly memorable experience.” 

One way LOOLA has contributed towards unique touchpoints that leave a memorable experience on guests is through a "campaign" with Lippert Components. Using our unique, brandable solar light cubes that where fully customized to their sponsor for their event as a special giveaway item for their consumer partners. This was a great way to tie in their sponsor CampScanner by HarvestHosts

In the article from SmartMeetings, there are several key elements that give spaces a more welcoming atmosphere. Among them are:

  • The ability to change lighting in a space depending on the need/event type.
  • Having colored lighting options offer planners a wide variety of mood lighting without having to rent and set-up traditional event lighting. This saves money and time and tends to be more reliable.
Having a reliable light source that is easy to set-up in addition to resusable and customizable is a great addition to any space whether in a hotel, restaurant, at an event, etc.