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The Gold Standard in Portable Solar Lighting

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Delivers up to several hours of light without the added expense or need for batteries, cords or electricity.


Our lanterns provide bright, long-lasting light with their built-in solar panels, including 4 different light settings.


Our portable lamps are lightweight, versatile and designed to withstand even the harshest weather conditions.

Rechargeable by the Sun or Non-LED Lightbulb

Conveniently Foldable

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Social Impact

Passionate about sustainability and eco-friendliness, we believe that even small actions can make a big impact. Our products are crafted from eco-friendly materials and use innovative technologies to reduce waste and pollution. We're proud to be part of a broader trend towards more socially-conscious and environmentally-responsible business practices, and we hope to inspire others to prioritize sustainability in their own events and daily lives. Our commitment to sustainable and innovative products has also resulted in thousands of lanterns being distributed worldwide, providing disaster and emergency preparedness support to impacted communities. Learn more

Innovative Design

We're committed to providing innovative and cutting-edge event lighting solutions that help our clients stand out from the crowd. Our multi-color LED lights and decor are crafted by experts in the field of design and event tech, and are designed to be versatile and customizable to suit your unique needs. We're proud to offer the industry's most cutting-edge event lighting and decor products that can be used at any event, venue, or space. Learn More

Our Story

Our mission is to create sustainable, versatile, and stylish event lighting solutions that help our clients stand out from the crowd. As a leading company in event and decor technology, we're committed to providing innovative products that can be used in any setting, from registration to centerpieces. Our multi-color LED lights and decor are crafted by experts in the field of design and event tech, and are customizable to suit your branding and messaging needs. Whether you're planning a corporate event, a wedding, or a private party, Loola has the technology and expertise to help you create an unforgettable experience. Learn more


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Best Solar Light Made

This light is the perfect accent piece anywhere in the backyard. The packaging is top notch and it comes with an eco-friendly carrying case for keeping the light good as new when not in use. In addition, there's an unexpected surprise product that I just love! You will have to get one of your own to see what it is!

PeggyVerified Buyer

Super Impressed!

I am super impressed with how well the foldable solar light works. It’s compact when folded yet sturdy when put together. It has a low and high setting for the white light and then a red light that can be solid or flashing. My husband said we should put one in both cars in case something happens at night.

C. NuggsVerified Buyer

High Design Meets High Desert

High design meets high desert in the high desert. Absolute attention to detail, and quality with a unique design that should see Loola quickly rise above the pack. The presentation is so well, we immediately thought "The Tiffany & Co. of Solar Lights".

Paul R.Verified Buyer & Venue Owner

We love how compact and light these lanterns are.

I love how lightweight and compact this light is. It’s subtle, not flashy or distracting. It adds light but nothing else to whatever you need it for. This light will complete any kind of atmosphere you are trying to achieve. I will be purchasing some for Christmas gifts this year. Giving light is exactly what this world needs and the message behind the creation of this product is one to share with everyone. Thank you so much

Valory P.Verified Buyer